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Rodina 1.1.5 Available

Rodina 1.1.5 is now available! This release is a maintenance release without any new gameplay features. However, it does have the following:

* A new interior renderer intended to improve framerate for some users
* A new document parser which dramatically cleans up errors in the ingame documents
* A completely rewritten keyboard input tech to fix some isolated issues

Also, a test feature! I did some experimentation with procedural robot voices. Try them out by pressing F9, F10, or F11 while playing!

The Bossypants Choose Cockpit Mode!

The vote is closed and the results are in! Rodina customers in the Bossypants Tier have spoken and they have spoken thusly:

Robot Babies: 41
Cockpit Mode / Windows: 69
Moons: 29
Bugs / Optimizations: 4

The Bossypants vote is binding, so that means that my next milestone, which I am already hard at work on, will be Cockpit Mode! My plan is: you will be able to actually sit in the pilots chair, and when you activate the pilot station a Holoscreen will come down to show you a first-person view to the outside. You’ll also be able to place these Holoscreens around your ship to act as virtual windows!

You may remember that I also asked from input from ALL Rodina customers, via youtube, email, Reddit, twitter, and Steam. They responded as follows:

Robot Babies: 14.5
Cockpit Mode / Windows: 17
Moons: 13.5
Bugs / Optimizations: 5

So, really the breakdown was pretty similar! What I’m getting from this vote is that, while Cockpit mode was the winner, the other options are pretty popular as well so I intend to keep them around for the next vote at least! The only option that wasn’t popular was Bugs and Optimizations but I will always have that option because the game will ALWAYS need them! :D

Thank you to everyone who participated- I hope that it was fun getting to decide what’s next for Rodina! I’ve really enjoyed getting your feedback and look forward to doing it again soon!

Bossypants Vote!

It’s time for the next community vote! If you bought the game on my site at the Bossypants Tier or above, you are entitled to a binding vote on what I work on next!

Please sign in to your Dashboard and vote! It will be active for 1 week.

If you are NOT in the Bossypants tier (eg: if you bought on Steam) fear not! I still want to know what you think! Please go to Reddit or Twitter or the Steam Community and post your opinion! Or as always, feel free to email me directly at

As I mention in the video, I’ll be putting out a Dev build covering the things I’ve been working on this month so you can check all that out, too!

Rodina 1.1.4 Live

Rodina 1.1.4 is now available!

This update is called Spaceship Bobsledding, and it adds a brand-new feature to Rodina: moving interiors. Now you no longer need to bring your ship to a full and complete stop before exiting pilot mode. You can simply leave the controls while the ship is moving. This has several implications:

* You can no longer Park In Space, so be careful! Your ship will keep moving (and crash!) while you walk around.
* The throttle will keep doing what it was doing when you left the controls. So the ship may coast, or it may actively drive, while you are in the interior.
* Be careful when exiting the ship. Leaving while driving or while in 3rd or 4th gear is not recommended. Leaving while the ship is rotating quickly isn’t advisable either.

This update contains other stuff, too! Debris icons will now change shape once you have visited them. There is a new screenshot mode (press F1), engine optimizations, improvements to the way the ship auto-levelling to the horizon works, and more.

As with the last update, those who are in the Appetizer Tier will need to donate again in order to play this update! Remember that you can either donate any amount in order to refresh your key, or donate up to the Buffet Tier in order to get a Steam key and access to all future updates!

Update Video

Hey everybody! I made a quick video to highlight one of the big changes coming in the next update – moving interiors! Enjoy!


Making a roadmap for Rodina is tricky. The game is meant to have an open-ended, community-influenced development, and I’m no producer, so coming up with a schedule of planned features is bound to backfire one way or another!

However, now that Rodina is on Steam and things are settling down, I took the time to plan out the next year or so. Check out the new Roadmap!

Nothing is final. It’s all just meant to share what I’m thinking. I want to focus on substantial feature updates that will incrementally upgrade the game with new features until players can board enemy ships. Each update needs to get us closer to that first really big post-release milestone.

Please let me know what you think on Twitter, Reddit, and Steam!

Rodina 1.1.3 Live

Rodina 1.1.3 has been in beta testing on Steam for a few days now, and it’s finally stable and available for download!

This build is BLOWING THE AIRLOCK and adds a brand-new feature to Rodina: atmospheric simulation. In this system, every room on your ship, and every location out in space, has an associated atmospheric density. Opening all of the doors on your ship to and draining the atmosphere can be a quick way to extinguish a whole fire, but it might also result in explosive decompression and throw you out the airlock!

It’s not hopeless out in space, however, as you can use your new Jetpack to fly back in the ship. To activate the jetpack, simply try to hit jump while you are already in the air.

This build also contains some new options for improving performance on low-spec machines, some optimizations to improve AI performance, and it removes the Steam wrapper which was causing problems for a large handful of customers.

Also, as with the last update, those who are in the Appetizer Tier will need to donate again in order to play this update! Remember that you can either donate any amount in order to refresh your key, or donate up to the Buffet Tier in order to get a Steam key and access to all future updates!

Rodina Update ETA

Hi Folks! It’s been a while since the last update so I thought I’d fill you guys in on what to expect next and when.

Many of you know that this next update will be about Blowing the Airlock. This update will add atmosphere pressure simulation to the game, so you can open all the doors and the airlock of your ship to stop fires. But be careful – cause when the oxygen explosively decompresses, you might fly out the airlock too!

Lately I have been crunching to get this next update out. I have a little trip scheduled Sept 7th – 13th: I am visiting my family on the East Coast, so I wanted to finish up before I left.

Unfortunately, last night I got sick. And frankly I was pushing it already. So the update will come out the week I get back: Sept 14th – 20th. I’m a little bummed, but now I can take some vacation time to add some extra polish to this update, so it’s not all bad :)

Going Forward

This next update will include some other little surprises as well. Rodina players will find a new way to move around the world. Also, those of you who have referenced a certain scene from Wall-E will find satisfaction. And there will be some new options to improve performance for people experiencing lag when they first arrive at a planet.

Finally, this update will pave the way going forward. I’ve come up with a flexible roadmap (which I will share at some point) for how I’m going to get to the point where players can blow the airlock on an enemy ship and run in guns blazing. Improving the interior system is a big step in that process!

As always, thanks so much for your enthusiasm, patience, and general support for my game!

Steam Keys are Ready!

Thank you to all Rodina customers past and future! Thanks to Valve’s liberal policies, and the hard work of my web programmer Michael Francis, I can now offer Steam Keys to everyone in the Buffet tier ($15) or above, free of charge!

How to Redeem

Sign in to your dashboard. If you are in the Buffet Tier or above, there will be a section titled “Steam Keys”. Click there to get your key!

Now open up Steam, go to the Games menu at the top, and click “Activate a Product on Steam”. You should be downloading Rodina in no time.

What if I can’t sign in?

There is a function at the login screen for resetting your password, so do try that if necessary. Please let me know if you have any trouble with that.

Some users have been affected by a problem with registration where it was possible to register multiple users with the same information. We have fixed the problem that allowed for this but have not yet merged user accounts. If you think you might be affected by this – if you log in and don’t see your order, and can not claim a key, for instance – let me know and we’ll get you sorted out! Typically, if you are affected by this problem, we have already spoken about it.

After signing in, I am sent to the payments page! What gives?

If this happens to you, it’s likely just the site getting confused about where you want to go after logging in. If you log in and don’t see your order information, just click on “Dashboard” at the top of the screen in order to access your info.

If there’s any trouble or confusion here, just let me know.

What if I payed less than $15?

I’m afraid that I’m not going to be distributing Steam Keys to those in the Appetizer tier. Sorry about that! It’s not that I don’t appreciate your business- I just can’t allow a workaround to the $15 price on Steam. However, as always, you are welcome to top off your order in order to make it into the Buffet tier. It’s up to you!

Rodina available on Steam!

A very exciting and pivotal day for Elliptic Games- Rodina is officially available for purchase on Steam! You can also try the demo, or download the Rodina soundtrack as a DLC!

For existing customers: Steam keys are coming soon. Everyone who donates up to the Buffet tier ($15) or above will receive a Steam key. That includes those who are currently in the Appetizer tier who bump their donations up. BUT it may take a little while to get those keys out. I’ll post again once the system comes online!

Rodina will remain for sale here on the site, and I will continue to do votes and offer picture credits to those who decide to donate at the appropriate levels. I’m not 100% sure how it’s all going to fit in with Steam, but hopefully things won’t change too much.

Thank you to everyone who helped get Rodina to this point! My greatest hope is that Rodina is successful enough that I can worry less about business stuff for a while and focus 100% on development. If that happens, it’s because of all of you!

Thank you!