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Blog tardiness!

Hi folks! Sorry I haven’t been keeping this blog up to date! With Steam, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc, sometimes this little blog just gets ignored :) Sorry about that! I hope if you’re following the game you understand that it’s being updated continuously!

I’m thinking that I will probably turn this back into a proper blog rather than a news announcement, as I’ve got better channels for those. Might revamp the site a little in the process. We’ll see!

Rodina 1.3.2 – Xeno Fliers!


Version 1.3.2 of Rodina has been released!


This update expands the Xeno Mines to all of the planets in the game! These new mines, with rooms that are bigger than what was possible before, showcase the new enemy: the jetpack-equipped Xeno Fliers!


1.3.2 also revamps the Gravbike with better motion on land and the ability to use the bikes in space. It also changes the way you acquire them – now Gravbikes are located in Vanguard Ruin Garages.


I’m thrilled about this update because it means I can move on to the next stage of Xeno Bases – real Xeno buildings! Hope you guys enjoy the progress! Full changelist in the Readme!

Rodina 1.3.1 – Xeno Mines!


Version 1.3.1 of Rodina has been released! Download it here on my site or check it out on Steam!


This update adds procedurally generated Xeno Mines to all of the asteroids in the game. For the first time, you will be able to explore Xeno locations and fight them on their own turf.


1.3.1 also adds a new enemy – the bomb-throwing Xeno Scrapper! Addtitionally, the general pace of combat has been slowed down somewhat, and the Xenos now fire burst shots at you instead of charged shots.


This is a major milestone for Rodina! Now that the game has proper planetary locations, I can focus more on content! The next update will add mines to all of the other planets and introduce another new enemy – Xenos wearing jetpacks!


I couldn’t be more excited to keep adding content and new experiences to the game. Thanks so much for checking it out! Full changelist in the readme file!

Rodina 1.3 – Procedural Interiors!

It’s here! The Procedural Interior update is finally complete! Find it here or on Steam!


This update totally revamps the Vanguard Ruins using a procedural interior engine. It decides what kind of rooms to add, creates the room shapes and layouts, and then decorates them!

This update also has a bunch of tweaks to combat (it’s faster) along with a new UI for the editor, since the last one was too complicated. And of course, the usual set of minor bugfixes.


This is a very exciting time for Rodina. With procedural interiors in the game, I can begin adding Xeno Outposts to asteroids and planets! From here on I’m going to focus on adding a LOT of new content updates!


Rodina 1.2.5 – 3D Interiors!

It’s done! The 3D Interiors update is released, complete with a new Interior Editor which gives you the ability to create multi-story interiors and rooms! Find it here or on Steam!


This update also contains several new tilesets, as well as the ability to recolor existing tilesets and to create custom lights!


I’m VERY excited to be finished with this one! Next up I’m going to be improving the Interior Procedural Generation, so that I can finally begin adding outposts and bases to the planets :D

As always, if you have any trouble with this update, email me at so I can issue a patch!

Rodina 1.2.4 – Xeno Infestation!

Rodina 1.2.4 has arrived! Check it out here or on Steam!


This might be the biggest single update to Rodina so far: new enemies, new weapons, powerups, and health pickups. The Xeno force has invaded the planets of the Zorica System, radically altering the experience of collecting resources. Rodina is STARTING to turn into a more fully-fledged game!!


This update also adds a surprise: the GravBike! The planets are so big that we need a way to move around them faster. If you go scavenging at the debris piles you should find a bike pretty quickly.

Finally! This completes the Combat Update to the game, though of course is just the beginning in terms of the combat experience (all of this work will make it much easier to add more weapons and enemies going forward).

Next up: Interior Editing. This will mean a complete overhaul of the interior editor, along with the ability to create multi-story interiors, and a feature allowing you to recolor tilesets. Look forward to a dramatic increase in the creative possibilities!

Blender Assets Updated

The Blender Assets ZIP file, containing the models used in the game, has been updated! Now it contains the Xenos, weapons, arm cannon, and GravBike from the latest updates!

Dev Update: Missiles and Ground Xenos!

Hey guys sorry this update (in the Dev branch on Steam) is overdue but it’s a good one! It gives a look at the Blaster Missiles as well as puts Xenos all over the planets!


As always, the Dev update is for in-progress work. The Xenos in particular are outrageously buggy right now – they will run away from you, start fights with each other (kind of cool actually!) and the balance is all out of wack. Also the missiles don’t have a proper area-of-effect explosion yet – just the particle effects.


To use the Missiles, hold right-mouse-button and fire!

To try out this Dev update, go to Steam -> right click Rodina -> Properties -> Betas tab -> choose “Dev” from the dropdown

The combat update is nearing completion! Next up will be the Beta release and it’ll contain a few more new enemies, lots of polish, and a surprise!

Slightly Updated Roadmap

I edited the Roadmap today to reflect the work that’s been completed so far on the Combat Update. While I was there I also made some tweaks to the schedule predictions to keep things realistic.

Very excited about all the progress lately! Hope to release the full Combat Update in a just a few more weeks!

Dev Update: New Weapon, Powerup, and Animations!

Another update on the Dev branch on Steam with in-progress work on the Combat Update!

This update adds a simple new weapon – a Repeating Blaster – which is an alternative for those who don’t like the charging mechanic of the standard Blaster. You need to add it to the ships interior or start a fresh game to grab one off the wall.


More importantly – a new powerup! Defeating the Xeno Incinerator will give you a Fire Booster, which temporarily gives you the ability to shoot fireballs! (Currently very overpowered – have fun!)

Most importantly – a change to the animation system that is mostly behind the scenes. I moved Xeno animation from Scripts to the Engine, using a new “Component” system which I am going to use heavily in the future. For now, this change should lead to a higher framerate in combat, and much improved procedural animation quality.

Unfortunately this update took two weeks instead of one, but the new Component system is going to be super important to keeping the game optimized, so it was well worth the time!