Rodina 1.6 – Inventory!

It’s happened! Rodina 1.6: Inventory is released!


I’m overjoyed to be sharing this addition to my game with you. This is a major update to Rodina which adds a grid inventory and player equipment grid, and a new HUD, setting the stage for much more content and variety in the near future.


The first major new item is the Carrier Beam*, a grapple-hook style tool you can equip in your left hand. Our next item which is well underway is a new Laser Weapon, after which I have a long list of items, upgrades, weapons, and tools I will be working on in the near future!

* The Carrier Beam can be found on an unvisited xeno base or debris pile on Perun!


I’m very excited that this update also includes a new control scheme, a quickwheel selection menu, and various new effects like DOF Blur, Bloom, and slow motion. Additionally, the gamepad controls have been completely revamped and the game now has Aim Assist and Tracking Assist in gamepad mode.

Of course, this update may require a patch, so please let me know if you see any bugs or have a problem I can help you with!

I’ve been working on this update for a long time, but what allowed me to push it over the finish line was a period of full-time work I lined up thanks to the support I’ve received on Patreon. I truly appreciate the support of patrons as it is a huge help to get this opportunity and get updates out faster. Thank you so much!

**** RODINA 1.6.0 ****

* New Feature: Grid inventory
* New Feature: Equipment and status HUDs
* New Feature: Carrier Beam (grapple hook) tool
* New Feature: Quickwheels
* New Feature: Quickwheen blurring and depth of field blurring
* New Feature: Emissive bloom effects
* New Feature: Slow motion

* Improvement: Added ducking (Shift on Keyboard, B on Controller)
* Improvement: Revamped gamepad controls (Left Trigger = Use Tool, B = Move Down, Cross = Quickwheels, Left Stick Press = Flashlight, Select = Exit Ship / Inventory).
* Improvement: Targetting is now a toggle
* Improvement: Gamepad autoaim and tracking. Reduced gamepad sensitivity
* Improvement: Rocket Blaster is now a separate weapon
* Improvement: Beam rendering effect
* Improvement: Replaces air hissing sounds which were torture for senstitive listeners
* Improvement: Added GPU events to improve frame organization in RenderDoc
* Improvement: Refactor menusystem – move to Engine side and add declarative style of tile creation

* Bugfix: Fix projectile motion to be smoother
* Bugfix: Fix particle birth orientation
* Bugfix: Fix drag in player jumps
* Bugfix: Fix vertical orientation of menu textures
* Bugfix: Fix loading savegame while riding gravbike

* Decline: Powerups removed as they do not work with new inventory / equipment systems