The goal hasn’t changed, but as we get closer to it, the schedule has firmed up quite a bit. Here’s what I have planned:


In a phrase: Ship Boarding.

We need a goal that can be a bridge towards Rodina’s long-term, crazy dream of being Daggerfall in Space. SO! The big plan is to enable the player to blow the airlock on a Xeno Ship or Base, board its procedurally-generated corridors, and battle the Xeno infestation with blasters firing. Every feature that I am working on is related, directly or indirectly, to making that goal happen. Once it’s accomplished, the game will be more full than ever, and in an incredible position for further development.

I’ve been working on this Roadmap for a while now and I’m guessing I’m more than halfway done. How to finish strong? Here’s my plan:

Early 2017

Right now I’m working on improving the Procedural Locations, FPS Combat, and Interior Construction. The priorities include:


* Multiple Floors – Done!
* Tall Rooms
* Revamped Interior Editor


* Better Room Shapes
* Hierarchical Zones
* Hallways
* Diverse Room Types
* Object Placement


* More enemy types
* Health Pickups
* Powerups
* More weapons
* Outdoor combat

When this task is complete, Rodina will be seriously fun and actually have a bunch of great combat and location systems. It will be time to move on to the final stage: Content. Real, actually-a-game, this-is-not-a-drill content.

2017 / 2018

I intend to spend the rest of 2017 adding game systems, interactivity and content. The goal is not just to have the ability to technically board ships. I aim for this content to be diverse, polished, and deep. A lot will depend on how much money I’m able to pull together, but I plan on making 2017 about things like:

* Planetary Bases – ranging from Outposts to huge Strongholds
* Xeno Ships – fully Explorable and Pilotable
* Diverse Gameplay – meaningful locations, special encounters, security alarms, poison gas, troop reinforcements, etc
* Development of Xeno Culture – (in terms of architecture and combat systems)
* Boss Fights

With any luck, this year will mean VERY significant changes to the game, with a full sense of progression and lots of gameplay.

2017 / Early 2018? – Exit Early Access

My goal is to finish this process by the end of 2017, but there’s a lot of work to be done. Either way, at this point Rodina will have enough content to satisfy the expectations of most people who buy the game. Therefore, my intention is that this is when Rodina will be taken out of Early Access. The game will be “full” and I can stop making promises about what will come.

Reminder: schedules are always wrong :)

And Beyond….

After Rodina comes out of Early Access, there’s no telling what will happen next. However, this will NOT be the end of development. There are many opportunities for our next big goal, and I might let the community decide which direction to go next.


* Multiplayer
* Cities and NPCs
* RPG Features – skills, inventory, equipment, resources
* Planet Gen – clouds, biomes, oceans, caves, foliage, rocks
* Crafting – mining, molecular science, component assembly

Over time I hope that we can morph Rodina from being an Action / Exploration game into a fully-fledged RPG, with all of those great elements that would flesh out a massively populated Star System!

I hope you guys find this roadmap interesting and exciting! Please let me know what you think on Twitter, Reddit, and Steam!