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  • The PC gaming highs of the year
    We’ve seen the beginnings of lovely in-the-works space exploration game Rodina…
  • Rodina review (Early Access 9/2014)
    There’s one big problem with this setup that the game’s lone developer, Bethesda veteran Brendan Anthony, has tried to solve in a clever way: space is really big. To help navigate all that distance, the ship has a manual transmission that switches ‘gears’ to climb exponential power levels. It’s a perfect solution, and I’ve never controlled a spaceship engine in this way before.
  • Rodina interview: exploration, combat and modding in an indie space adventure
    I got in touch with Brendan, and he told me about the game’s eye-catching tech, ambitious development roadmap, and how it has as much in common with Daggerfall as it does with Freespace.
  • 14 space games you should be excited about right now
    From the comments: “For some reason I’m excited the most for Rodina. Something about it is very appealing to me.”

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  • The Lighthouse Customer: Rodina
    So. Rodina (I played verson 1.1.1) is really neat. The soundtrack is dynamic (exciting things happening means exciting music plays) and wonderful.
  • Remind Yourself Of Rodina’s Space Combat And Computers
    It’s been a while since we last checked in with Rodina, in as much as we haven’t mentioned it on this site at all since Craig noted the release date late last year. That’s a shame given that we live in a world of in-progress but unreleased or expensive space sims, and Rodina is a space sim that’s unfinished but i) out now and ii) has a demo and iii) has a pay-what-you-want business model.
  • Further Adventures In Infinite Space Games: Rodina
    Rodina is another strangely named space adventure game that has ship interiors, hackable operating systems, and seamless space travel. … I am space smiling.
  • Rodina’s Combat Is Atmospheric
    This looks very blasty. I’m enjoying Rodina’s take on space, and it looks like it understands that go-anywhere, do-anything space game can be arcadey.


  • How to conquer the galaxy on a computer
    Brendan Anthony, developer of Rodina, has created a game that gives players an entire solar system in which to adventure. Creating just a single solar system from scratch has been tough. The sheer scale of what he was attempting to create has proved programmatically problematic.

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