Current Installers

Direct Download: RodinaSetup.exe

Torrent: RodinaSetup.torrent (Please Seed!)

Standalone ZIP Archive

These ZIP files contain a version of the game which doesn’t need to be formally installed. Simply unzip to wherever you would like, then run all of the EXEs within the “Prerequisites” folder, and you’ll be ready to play the game!

See the Readme file for details on what changed with each release.

Some of the ZIP files are missing. There’s no real reason for this and I may fix it someday, but it’s definitely not a priority!

1.6.4: Player Stats and Power Systems

1.6.1: Trilaser

1.6: Inventory

1.5: Persistence

1.4.2: Planet Terrain Revamp

1.4.1: New Xenos

1.4: Combat Megaboost

1.3.4: Xeno Buildings Upgrade

1.3.3: Xeno Buildings

1.3.2: Xeno Fliers

1.3.1: Xeno Mines

1.3.0: Procedural Interiors

1.2.5: 3D Interiors

1.2.4: Xeno Infestation

1.2.3: Refactor / Cleanup

1.2.2: Vanguard Ruins

1.2.1: Targeting

1.2.0: Bots

1.1.8: Errors and Logs

1.1.7: Cockpit Mode Optimizations

1.1.6: Cockpit Mode

1.1.5: Instance Rendering

1.1.4: Spaceship Bobsledding (Moving Interiors)

1.1.3: Blowing the Airlock

1.1.2: Maintenance

1.1.1: Steam Integration

1.1.0: Ship Fires

1.0.4: Big Usability Update

1.0.3: Headlights

1.0.2: Non-US Locale Fix

1.0.1: Initial Release Chaos Fixes

1.0.0: Initial Release

Rodina OMSI Demo

WARNING! This is not Rodina’s Demo! This is a pre-release build of the game I used for a demo at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry’s “OMSI After Dark” event. If you want to play the current demo, choose the “Direct Download” option above!

Rodina OMSI Demo

In April 2013, I was graciously asked to be a part of “OMSI After Dark: Game On!”, an even celebrating the local Portland Game Industry. This was about 8 months before Rodina was released so it gave me a great opportunity to crunch for my own mini-reveal, and get a feel for what people liked about the game. It really helped me polish the game once, in a low-pressure environment, before the official release. It definitely reminded me of crunching for E3 back when I worked at Bethesda!

This was the FIRST time Rodina was ever playable by the public! See how much changed in those short 8 months!

Rodina Image Decoder

This isn’t the best place for this, but it’ll do for now. A couple years ago, reddit user /u/GER_v3n3 created this amazing app to help players decode the “strange signals” images.

The app is no longer available online so I host it here. It’s really great and exactly what you need to figure out what those messages are saying!!