I bought Rodina and it doesn’t work / I don’t like it

First, please check this entire FAQ for fixes for whatever issue you are having.

If you are unable to play or enjoy your copy of the game, please email me at to discuss your issue or a refund. Please include payment details, particularly the last 4 digits of your credit card, whether you bought the game on Steam, etc.

I receive lots of emails and try to answer them all, but some fall through the cracks. Please don’t hesitate to email me again if you think I’ve missed your message!

Something went wrong with the payment process

Email me I will make it right immediately.

Where do I enter my registration key?

While playing Rodina -> Options Menu -> Register Username / Key

On this menu you can paste your login information. Be careful to ensure that there are no spaces at the beginning or end of your username or key! Several people have had trouble with this.

In the Steam version of the game, entering your registration is unnecessary.

Rodina crashes constantly

Please try disabling your Steam Overlay, or any other overlay software you may be using.

Rodina crashes immediately on start / hangs on “For Bema” screen

This usually occurs because of one of two problems:

* Your system in under the minimum specs (see the Readme) and is not capable of running Rodina
* Your computer has 2 GPUs and DirectX is picking the wrong one. This may include an integrated GPU you didn’t even know that you had.

To fix the second problem, go to your graphics card software (such as Nvidia Control Panel or the AMD Catalyst Control Center) and manually tell the card to activate for Rodina.

If you want to check whether this problem is happening to you, switch to the GPU_SANITY_CHECK branch of Rodina (accessible in Steam Library -> Rodina -> Properties -> Betas tab). Switch to this branch and run the game. You will see a series of popups which tell you which GPUs are available and which one Rodina ended up picking.

If there are any questions, please email me, and include the results you get from running DXDiag.

VERY low framerate / FPS even though my specs are OK

Sometimes DirectX doesn’t automatically pick the right graphics card on which to run the game. The better solution to this problem is to go to your graphics card software (such as Nvidia Control Panel or the AMD Catalyst Control Center) and manually tell the card to activate for Rodina.

In Rodina 1.1.2 and beyond, you can also manually set the video card. To do so, go the Options Menu and look for “Preferred Video Adapter”. WARNING: Forcing DirectX to choose a video card may cause Rodina it crash on start! If you need to unset the video card, see the next question:

I changed my “Preferred Video Adapter”, and now Rodina crashes on start

You can unset the preferred adapter by starting Rodina with the following option:

Rodina.exe --default_video_adapter

If you are running the game on Steam, go to Rodina’s Properties, then click on Launch Options, then add in “--default_video_adapter“. Note the double dash. It won’t work with a single dash.

Rendering artifacts / seeing through terrain / pixels drawn in front

If your game looks like this:


Please update your graphics card drivers! Every time I have encountered this, updating the drivers fixed the problem.

Planets have weird terrain heights. The planets are spike-balls

This is a known issue which is not totally solved. However, very often the problem can be fixed by ensuring that your graphics card drivers are up to date. If you are experiencing this problem, please email me to help me gather information to fix this problem.

Rodina crashes when I’m trying to record video

Ack! No! Arg! This is a deep disappointment. There is a known issue, where my music streaming middleware MAY conflict with some video software. In the options menu, there is an option entitled “[Debug] disable music”. Try setting this option to “Yes” and restarting the game in order to work around this conflict.

I will be investigating this problem more in the near future! If you have more info, or the workaround does not work, please email me!!! I want to fix your problem!

Rodina is in a startup loop when started from Steam

Some people have reported that after first downloading Rodina, it fails to load, and just tries to start up over and over again. So far, this problem seems to be fixed by restarting Steam (and possibly your computer? I’m not sure).

I’m having another problem

If you are having trouble figuring out how to play the game, I recommend visiting and asking for assistance from the helpful Rodina community.

If your problem is of a more technical nature, or you are having trouble finding answers, always feel free to email me for any reason.

I found a bug! Where should I report it?

It depends on the bug. If this bug is stopping or ruining your game, email me at brendan@elliptic-games.comfor service ASAP.

If this is a minor bug, please log it at the Rodina public bug tracker. I don’t check this tracker often- it’s a repository that I can check every once in a while to clean out issues.