About The Game

Rodina is a space exploration RPG inspired by games like Freelancer, Star Fox, and the Elder Scrolls. It has several cool features that space games typically lack- huge procedural planets you can seamlessly land on, the ability to walk around planets as well as your ship, and customizable ship interiors. It’s being made by Brendan Anthony, who has worked as a game developer for 10 years, and as worked as a gameplay programmer for Bethesda Softworks on such games as TES4: Oblivion and Fallout 3.

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At a Glance

Space 3 - Sunset

There has yet to be a video game which delivers the experience promised by decades of science fiction like Star Trek, Star Wars, and Firefly. The ability to explore space, to interact on the macro scale of planets and stars as well as the micro scale of rooms and characters, to own and customize a ship which becomes a kind of traveling home, to be given the freedom to explore and interact with the world at one’s own will- these features have yet to come together in a single game which fulfills the dreamed-of worlds that scifi fans imagine. Rodina aims to be a small step in the direction of realizing those dreams.

Rodina is a game where you seamlessly explore a solar system. Fly your spaceship from planet to moon to asteroid with no loading screens or warp doors. Explore these huge, procedurally-generated landscapes on foot. Customize your ship’s living spaces to suite your tastes. Get into dogfights with alien spaceships in order to secure control of valuable resources and property.

Rodina is an ambitious project and will grow over time after it is first released. The initial version of the game will be simple, and if it is successful, production will continue and features will be added. The possibilities are endless and over time we hope to develop Rodina into the game described below.

Long-Term Features:

  • Explore Space, Inside and Out
    In Rodina, you can explore the world both inside of a ship and outside of one. You will find yourself having dogfights in space, gun battles on a planet surface, defending your ship from boarding parties, and capturing ships belonging to your enemies.
  • Huge Seamless Procedurally Generated World
    Explore procedurally-generated planets with millions of square kilometers of surface area. Seamlessly travel from a planet’s surface to the depths of space, with no loading screens, warp doors, or invisible walls. Investigate asteroids, moons, space stations, and stars.
  • Open-Ended, Simulated Gameplay
    Rodina will boast a game world simulation which supports player creativity and rewarding feedback. Release toxic gas into the engine room. Fly a false flag in order to trick your opponents into thinking you are their ally. Hack into the ship’s computer and delete the source code that fires the weapons, rendering them useless. In Rodina, experimentation and creativity are valued over following a game script written by a desginer.

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