Rodina 1.5 – Persistence!

Rodina 1.5 is released!

Thank you for all your help with the 1.5 Beta! This update is finally complete! 1.5 was a major engine upgrade to Rodina, and introduces object persistence across the whole game.

For the first time, Rodina’s engine has a generalized way to store object properties. This opens the door to more complicated interactive stuff, like container inventories and complex game systems. In the meantime, we can now use it to save your progress as you clear the Xeno bases.

Our next update is going to be a doozy. I’m going to be adding an inventory system, lots of items and upgrades, a suit installation grid / player systems, and updated controls and an item selection wheel. I can’t wait!

If you are interested in a postmortem of this update, I made a video talking about all the programming challenges and things that went right / wrong this time. Don’t feel obligation to watch as it doesn’t have any gameplay info or hints about the future, but feel free to check it out if you’re interested in engine programming discussion!

As always, thank you so much for your support. More info on the next update coming soon!


**** RODINA 1.5.0 ****

* New Feature: Persistence of actors and interiors

* Improvement: Display an interior’s Xeno count on targeting UI
* Improvement: Debug pages (F11)
* Improvement: Added fog to rooms for air pressure
* Improvement: Adjust ship fire angle in first person mode to be centered
* Improvement: Refactor of entity creation and destruction
* Improvement: Move game systems to engine / air pressure and fire run in component system
* Improvement: Encode / Decode replaces Save / Load
* Improvement: Savegame format changed to EGON binary

* Crashfix: Fix editor autosave crash

* Bugfix: Fix temporary flash when crossing interior boundaries
* Bugfix: Fix targeting UI accuracy