Rodina 1.4.2 – Planet Terrain Revamp!


I’m so excited to share with you version 1.4.2 of Rodina – the Planet Terrain Revamp!


This is a major update to the visuals of the Zorica System. All of the planets in the game now have their own terrain types and textures. This really takes the full-size planets in the game to the next level. Jarilo even has ice caps!

I also increased the terrain detail, both on land and in space. It makes the planets look even better (but if you have performance issues, turn down the Distant Terrain Detail or Terrain Detail options, or turn on Retro Mode!)


Thank you so much for your continued support on this amazing journey!

Next up, I am going to be redoing all of the ship art as well. Finally, after 7 long years, we will be saying goodbye to the programmer-art ships! I’ll have more info soon!

**** RODINA 1.4.2 ****

* New Feature: Planet textures based on feature, altitude, normal, latitude, etc
* New Feature: Triplanar texturing

* Improvement: Terrain physics generated at low-level when in flying mode
* Improvement: Terrain physics generated between start and end points
* Improvement: Fix low lighting quality shader compilation
* Improvement: Polish ship impacts / fire likelihood

* Options: Updated Distant Terrain Detail options (turn down to reduce hitches)

* Bugfix: Fix terrain planet curvature culling
* Bugfix: Fire should only damage the base floor
* Bugfix: Remove Xeno patrol from the first planet
* Bugfix: Fix missile blaster palette
* Bugfix: Fix script error when a debris type cannot be found
* Bugfix: Fix saves failing silently when there’s an invalid filename
* Bugfix: Fix null scene crash