Rodina 1.6.1 – Trilaser!

The first inventory content addition has arrived – the Trilaser!


This new laser weapon focuses 3 beams for enhanced damage. It can be found in a Xeno base or debris pile on the planet Veles!


Version 1.6.1 is the first of a series of inventory-focused content updates. However, it also features a substantial number of small improvements and bugfixes, including a fix for a serious memory leak which caused frequent crashes in the ship editor.

The next few updates, which will add more items, will come much more quickly!


**** RODINA 1.6.1 ****

* New Feature: Trilaser Weapon

* Improvement: Add support for cross-portal interaction (grapple hook, laser, targeting)
* Improvement: Improve DOF blur performance with transparent objects (particles)
* Improvement: Save / Restore mouse position only for certain menus (inventory)
* Improvement: Add “Activate” gamepad binding

* Crashfix: Fix memory leak causing editor crash
* Crashfix: Fix infinite loop when creating an opening to the airlock
* Crashfix: Fix crash when exiting ship at cruise speed while grappling

* Bugfix: Fix inventory item dropping placement
* Bugfix: Fix gravbike persistence
* Bugfix: Fix editor room transparency for rooms that straddle floors
* Bugfix: Change the way we prevent accidental clicks so that players can reassign controller A button
* Bugfix: Screenshot mode HUD fix
* Bugfix: Fix crouching in space
* Bugfix: Fix controls passing through binding popup menus
* Bugfix: Fix controller default button positioning
* Bugfix: Clean up some object pools
* Bugfix: Fix Lua error for next/previosu in Archives / Radio document menus