Rodina 1.6.2 – Target Scope and Headlamp!

The inventory content updates are starting to arrive! First up – the Target Scope and the Headlamp! Now you can use your quickwheel to toggle between these two head items.

Existing players should receive these items automatically when you load your old savegame. New players should see them immediately when the game begins!

In this update you can also destroy items in your inventory via a right click menu. In the future, you will be able to throw items to get rid of them!

In the near term, I will continue to focus on bringing “old” items into the new inventory system. Next up – the Jetpack and story progress items! After that, I’ll be adding new weapons and gameplay systems!

**** RODINA 1.6.2 ****

* New Feature: Target Scope item
* New Feature: Headlamp item (Ship Headlight is now C / Cross Up button to match)

* Workaround: “Destroy Item” inventory right-click option

* Improvement: Laser fire / recharge sounds