Rodina 1.6.3 – Jetpack!

The Inventory Updates continue with the Jetpack! Now a real inventory item, the Jetpack is found somewhere in the Mines in the Asteroid Belt!


Additionally, since some players may not have a Jetpack equipped when they visit the Mines, Xenos have installed Grav Elevator Beams in the mine entrances!

Next up, I will be departing from working on legacy items to add a new feature: Power Systems! This will add some brand new gameplay to Rodina!

**** RODINA 1.6.3 ****

* New Feature: Jetpack item
* New Feature: Grav Elevator Beams in mine entrances

* Improvement: Turn down oppressive docking engine volume

* Crash Fix: Repeated crash where entities would disappear around Vanguard Chunks due to LOD problems

* Bugfix: Targeting in ship pilot mode
* Bugfix: Fix headlamp and target scope being added over and over (also allow deleting headlamp and scope)