Rodina 1.6.4 – Player Stats and Power Systems!

For this update, I have added Player Stat Upgrades and Power Systems to the game!

Mix and match upgrades in your installation grid to increase your character’s speed, health regeneration, damage, and jump level! These upgrades require a Power Core to function – find the first one in the Asteroid Belt! These Power Cores also provide energy to the Carrier Beam and the Trilaser.


This update also adds two new moves – the Slide Attack and the Ground Pound – each available as their own upgrade chips!

For the next update, I am going to add an interesting new feature to the game: a drill! This item will be used to acquire resources for armor… but where will these resources come from???

**** RODINA 1.6.4 ****

* New Feature: Energy meter powered by Power Core
* New Feature: Stat upgrades: Speed, Health Regeneration, Damage, Jump Level
* New Feature: Slide Attack and Ground Pound move upgrades

* Improvement: Inventory hover menu with stats
* Improvement: Quickwheel toggle / active status / text labels

* Crash fix: Solve multithreading issue with thread tasks (savegames)

* Bugfix: Fix fire extinguisher radius issue which was making fires massively more difficult
* Bugfix: Fix first person lighting issue
* Bugfix: Improve pixelization of near terrain due to blurring
* Bugfix: Targeting in ship pilot mode (again)
* Bugfix: Solve flash when crossing into interior portals
* Bugfix: Explosions shouldn’t be blocked by debris or magnetic shields
* Bugfix: Document attachment buttons
* Bugfix: Child entity palettes and scale restored on load
* Bugfix: Anchor worldspaces rejecting children, causing slow space movement
* Bugfix: Ensure players with old-style saves receive starting equipment