Rodina 1.4 – Combat Megaboost released!

Rodina is better than ever! This update is a massive reworking of interior generation, combat, and player movement. Things are starting to come together!

The dangerous new Xeno Trooper reflects your plasma shots with its Magnetic Shield.

The Xeno Interiors have seen a major overhaul – more enemies, turrets, exploding thermal gel, loot pickups, and more! It’s even more fun to get around, as player movement is tighter and smoother!

This is a major update to the game. Combat feels WAY more fun now. If you haven’t played in a while, now might be the time to pick the game up again!

Thank you all for your support! I couldn’t make this game without you!

**** RODINA 1.4****

* New Feature: Explosions massively improved – physics, camera shake, occlusion
* New Feature: Xeno Trooper w/ Magnetic Shield gun
* New Feature: Functioning turrets
* New Feature: Projectiles refactored / can be reflected by collidees

* Improvement: Massive buildings / mines generator refresh. More fog types. More building types
* Improvement: Massive combat rebalance. Much more enemy variety. Easier Xenos
* Improvement: Charged Blaster shots massively improved – camera shake, explosion, splash damage
* Improvement: Rocket Blaster now needs ammo
* Improvement: Health / ammo resources appear as loot in buildings
* Improvement: Thermal Gel explodes when shot
* Improvement: Merge hallways with neighbor rooms
* Improvement: Fixed targeting for buildings / Vanguard Ruins
* Improvement: All Xenos in a room attack at once
* Improvement: Fix rotation accumulation for player / mouse (IE: Much smoother movement)
* Improvement: Change Main Story 11 message post-protocol removal
* Improvement: Increase character gravity
* Improvement: Increase ship friction

* Crashfix: Don’t update profile file when dragging options slider around
* Crashfix: Solved problem with direct copying refcounted objects
* Crashfix: Fixed crash with GPU timing references

* Bugfix: Fix flickering while flying Limnal Drive
* Bugfix: Finally fix charging blaster particles!