Rodina 1.3.3 – Xeno Bases!

They’re here!

Xeno Bases are starting to pop up on the planets in the Zorica System! I’m very excited about this update!

These bases aren’t fully functional yet. As the Xenos finish their construction, they will become even more dangerous.

Next up: making the bases more awesome with functional shields, turrets, explosive Thermal Gel, Trooper Xenos, atmospheric pressure, and maybe much more stylish walls!

Thank you for all the support!


EDIT: Patch released!
* fix gravbike disappearing from ship after editing ship layout (FINALLY!)
* fix interior getting alpha blended sometimes
* fix crash with gravbikes out of physics world

**** RODINA 1.3.3****

* New Feature: Xeno Buildings, Tileset, and Debcorations
* New Feature: Editor skeleton (particles, interior testing)

* Improvement: Gravbike controls in space via the mouse, can be activated in space, has a UI indicator
* Improvement: Make use of Steam’s remote storage API so we can add “Delete File” button to save/load
* Improvement: Alpha and Emittance for generic objects
* Improvement: Redo decoration placement randomization
* Improvement: Improve room placement so less likely to overlap
* Improvement: Interior Editor tweaks: show all rooms (transparent), polish door placement

* Optimization: Optimize missile debris to fix explosion hitch

* Bugfix: Prevent Xenos from firing at you through walls
* Bugfix: Fix gravbike breaking when you exit mid-flight, or upon load
* Bugfix: Fix wall distances in generated interiors to reduce lights ending up behind walls
* Bugfix: Remove entrance hallway from generated interiors
* Bugfix: Duplicate mines on Morena
* Bugfix: Make sure productions don’t reuse production seed and end up with identical results
* Bugfix: Fix projectile motion / double impacts at low framerates
* Bugfix: Fix delete button in interior editor
* Bugfix: Fix planets with small radius getting no physics in low-terrain-detail mode