Rodina 1.0.3 with Headlights!

Rodina 1.0.3 is now available! There’s lots of new stuff in this update- you can check the readme if you would like to know more. Highlights include:

* Lights! The #1 most requested feature. Now you can press “G” to engage your ship’s headlights, or the player character’s flashlight, when you exploring those dark asteroids!

* Gamepad support! Technically you could always use your gamepad (like a 360 Controller) to play Rodina, but the experience wasn’t very good. Now I’ve added a gamepad remap menu, I’ve tweaked control for the gamepad to make it much easier to control, and added some other tweaks/fixes.

Now that this first update of the year is out, I am going to start moving forward with real development again. Expect to see our first official vote soon, allowing everyone who bought the game at the Bossypants tier or above to choose what I work on next!

One last thing: I hate that people need to download the entire installer to try new updates. Starting next week I’ll also be starting work on an integrated updater for the game. No telling when that will be done- just wanted you to know :)

As before, you can also download this release in ZIP form.