First Official Vote!

The time has finally come to issue the first official Rodina vote! Everyone who is in the Bossypants tier can participate, and if you aren’t yet in the Bossypants tier, you can upgrade at any time in order to have your voice heard.

The topic of this vote is very simple: What should Brendan focus on next? All items will be addressed in time- which would you like to see first?

Nuts and Bolts

This option will have me focusing on ship simulation stuff. Fires in the engine room! Electrical grids! Life support systems! I love simulation stuff cause it can lead to emergent situations, which will be the long-term focus of the game.

This is the option I would like to start work on first, as I think the character-level gameplay needs some work, and that it doesn’t make sense to work on other features (such as hacking) until there’s more going on in the ship. I imagine the VERY first thing that will happen are fire emergencies!


A fan favorite! This feature will eventually allow players to customize their own ship’s behavior, and someday to hack enemy ships as an offensive tactic. But until the game becomes more complex, this feature would be more of a sandbox. I favor waiting on this feature until there are some simulated elements in the ship which the hacking could manipulate, but I’m also totally happy to just dive right in and see what can be created right now!

First Aid

Choose this option if you’d prefer that I focus on Rodina’s performance and stability! Since Rodina was released about a month ago, I’ve been trying to clear up crashes and improve problems people are having. I’m pretty happy with where things are, but if you’d like a LOT more focus on this area, choose this option!

More of the Same

More weapons! More enemies! More planets! If you like Rodina the way it is and would just like to see more of it, choose this option! I can try to add some moons for a couple of the planets, and perhaps some dwarf planets in the Asteroid Belt, some new projectile types, some new enemy types with cool new behaviors.

Go Vote!

Check out the vote by visiting your Dashboard (after you log in, if you are presented with the payment page, click “Dashboard” from the menu at the top of your screen).

If you’ve got feedback on this vote, please feel free to jump into the conversation about it on Reddit or Twitter.