Rodina 1.3.1 – Xeno Mines!


Version 1.3.1 of Rodina has been released! Download it here on my site or check it out on Steam!


This update adds procedurally generated Xeno Mines to all of the asteroids in the game. For the first time, you will be able to explore Xeno locations and fight them on their own turf.


1.3.1 also adds a new enemy – the bomb-throwing Xeno Scrapper! Addtitionally, the general pace of combat has been slowed down somewhat, and the Xenos now fire burst shots at you instead of charged shots.


This is a major milestone for Rodina! Now that the game has proper planetary locations, I can focus more on content! The next update will add mines to all of the other planets and introduce another new enemy – Xenos wearing jetpacks!


I couldn’t be more excited to keep adding content and new experiences to the game. Thanks so much for checking it out! Full changelist in the readme file!