Combat Dev Update

Updated the Dev build on Steam with a tiny preview of some new Xeno types!

This is a rough build – no balance whatsoever on the new Xenos, and I discovered that the weapon sounds aren’t working for some reason. Use this only to check some of the new work!


The Incinerator: Part of the Scavenger class, these Xenos are part of the cleanup crew – they strip everything of value and burn what they don’t need. They are large and slow but will try to close distance to use their flamethrower, which can also double as a fire-ball launcher when at range.

The Poacher: Another member of the Scavenger class, the Poacher’s responsibility is to strip target areas of all life and decide whether to eat it, breed it, experiment on it, or recycle it for resources. They use a weapon that tracks living things, and may eventually have an attack that slows you down.

Again, these are just rough drafts. I’ve got other plans in the mix – next up I hope to show you something brand new!

As always, you can access the Dev branch by going to Steam Library -> right click Rodina -> Properties -> Betas tab -> choose Dev from the dropdown. Remember to make backups of your mainline savegames so the Dev branch doesn’t ruin them!