Rodina 1.2.3 and Vote Results!

First of all, I’ve updated Rodina to version 1.2.3 with some fixes to a handful of bugs, including a nasty airlock-exit bug. This update also contains a major refactor to the game code, so if you experience new problems, please let me know so I can address them!

With that out of the way, the latest Community Vote is over. The ballots are in and the winner is… COMBAT! However, this vote had a twist – read on to find out!

First here are the binding Bossypants results:

* Combat: 54
* Interior Generation: 28
* Interior Editing: 36
* Bugs / Optimizations: 9

So that decides it – I will next be working on Combat features, including new enemy types, new weapons and powerups, planetary Xenos, optimizations and polish, and hopefully a surprise or two!

But, that’s not the whole story. Here are the rest of the vote results from Steam, Reddit and Twitter:

* Combat: 86
* Interior Generation: 56
* Interior Editing: 96
* Bugs / Optimizations: 19

Here we see that Interior Editing (and Multistory Interiors) won the vote! Now, if you add up all the totals, Combat still won, but these results show a clear second place result.

Since I plan to work on all of these features one after another, I can use ALL of your votes to establish an order! Combat first, then Interior Editing, then Interior Generation, and finally Bugs / Optimizations! I’m predicting that this will take me a bit into the New Year, but if I can be done before the end of 2016, that would be awesome! After that, I can proceed straightaway with the rest of the Roadmap!

Thank you to everyone who voted! The past few weeks have been amazing for the game, and your support has been incredible! On to the next stage!