Bossypants Vote – closes Tuesday 8/16!

It’s time for another Bossypants vote, where those who are in the Bossyypants tier get to tell me what to do! Just please sign into your dashboard to vote. You’ve got until Tuesday!

The goal for the rest of the year is going to be expand on the last update – better combat and better interiors. Each of these options will happen, but you guys can choose which you’d like to see first! Here are the options:


This last updated added FPS combat to the game for the very first time! Let’s expand that by adding more Xeno types, more weapons, powerups and health/ammo pickups! I’d also like to start peppering Xenos around the Zorica System- maybe at crash sites or maybe even just in locations on the planets!

Interior Generation

We’ve got procedurally generated rooms in the game – Wooo! But they are shapeless and empty – Boo! Let’s fix that by adding different room types, better shapes (and symmetry also), hierarchical zones, hallways, and entities (like furniture). It’ll all still be procedurally generated so let’s hope I can make it look good! :D

Interior Editing / Multistory Interiors

The interior map system was originally built around text input files, and as a result the editor is limited, doesn’t work well with the procedural generator, and is generally hard to use. Let’s improve it by revamping the interface so you draw rooms rather than toggle individual grid squares. Also now’s the time to enable interiors with multiple stories and tall rooms. Combat feels too limited in these small spaces!

Bugs / Optimizations

Over the months, the game has accumulated some hitches and frame drops. Of course I’m always thinking about these and addressing them when I can, but I like to have this as an option to get a feel for how the community is feeling about the game’s stability and performance. There’s no telling how much performance we might be able to squeeze out of this little thing!

That’s it! Again, all of these will be addressed but I’m interested as always in what YOU would like to see first! If you are not in the Bossypants tier, I still want to know what you would vote for! Have your say on Twitter, Reddit, or the Steam Forums!