Rodina 1.1.4 Live

Rodina 1.1.4 is now available!

This update is called Spaceship Bobsledding, and it adds a brand-new feature to Rodina: moving interiors. Now you no longer need to bring your ship to a full and complete stop before exiting pilot mode. You can simply leave the controls while the ship is moving. This has several implications:

* You can no longer Park In Space, so be careful! Your ship will keep moving (and crash!) while you walk around.
* The throttle will keep doing what it was doing when you left the controls. So the ship may coast, or it may actively drive, while you are in the interior.
* Be careful when exiting the ship. Leaving while driving or while in 3rd or 4th gear is not recommended. Leaving while the ship is rotating quickly isn’t advisable either.

This update contains other stuff, too! Debris icons will now change shape once you have visited them. There is a new screenshot mode (press F1), engine optimizations, improvements to the way the ship auto-levelling to the horizon works, and more.

As with the last update, those who are in the Appetizer Tier will need to donate again in order to play this update! Remember that you can either donate any amount in order to refresh your key, or donate up to the Buffet Tier in order to get a Steam key and access to all future updates!