Greenlight Update + OMSI Demo

The Rodina Greenlight campaign is going full steam ahead! Rodina is currently at #51, which will hopefully mean that I am in a good position to be Greenlit in the next batch. Keep your fingers crossed for me, and please keep spreading the word to help Rodina finish strong!

I also have a little treat that some longtime fans of Rodina might enjoy. I’m releasing the Rodina demo that I gave at OMSI (Oregon Museum and Science and Industry) in April 2013!

(The demo is best played with an XBox Controller!)


Folks may remember me posting about this event last year. It was the very first time Rodina had ever been seen in public. It was a great opportunity to crunch for a mini-release, and to watch people play the game before the actual release. At the time, many Rodina fans asked to see the demo, so now at long last you can try it out!

This demo shouldn’t be interesting to most players- I present it mostly as a relic of Rodina’s pre-release development. The OMSI Demo was 8 months before Rodina’s release date, and it was very rough. I thought it might be interesting for people to see what the game looked like back then. It’s surprising for me to go back to it and realize just how much changed in those 8 short months! 2013 was a very busy year!

PS: The Rodina 1.1.1 update is going well too! I’ll have more news about that sometime after the next Greenlight batch is announced!