Blowing the Airlock

Here’s the progress on the room system I’ve been making. This system splits up the map into different sections based on how they are connected. Here’s the system artificially turned into colors so it can be seen in action:

RoomSystem2 . RoomSystem4

There’s still a few bugs. As you can see, the system thinks these two rooms are one room when connected by an angle piece. I must have some error in the fill algorithm which finds the boundaries of each room:

RoomSystem6 . RoomSystem5

The system doesn’t understand the big airlock doors yet, either.

As I mentioned in a previous post, this system will be used for several ship simulation features. I think my goal for this next update is going to be the ability to blow the airlock, exposing the ship to hard vacuum and blasting out its atmosphere. That seems like a fun feature, and it will also mix well with the fire – no oxygen means no combustion!