A word about versions….

So, until now, all of the versions of Rodina released have been versions 1.0.X. This release is the first one at 1.1.X.

What does this mean for customers? If you’re in the Buffet tier or above, it means nothing- you’ve purchased the right to play all versions of the game! However those in the Appetizer tier, who chose to pay under the $15 base price of the game, cannot play this version of Rodina past the usual demo limits.

To those of you in the Appetizer tier, thank you so much for trying and buying Rodina. In order to unlock this version, I ask that you either:

1. Donate again. Any amount will refresh your key for this new version. Or:
2. Donate enough to get up to that Buffet tier! Once you do, you can play all future versions of the game.

I hope that the work I’ve put in over the past few months to get Rodina more stable and fun than ever will be worth some more of your money. Rodina needs it in order to continue development! Thank you again!