Rodina 1.0.1 Released!

Here it is folks! There is a new build of the game! It’s stored in the same place as the old link so feel free to head to the download page to grab it! You can also download it in ZIP form if you prefer. The prerequisites are included within the ZIP.

This update fixes some major crashes people were having (Including the assert message about line 88 of EGRenderer.cpp) as well as numerous gamebreaking bugs, and many usability issues people were clamoring for. Check out the readme here.

I’m confident that this build, along with the workarounds described below, should clear up many of the issues people have been having. Please let me know if you still have trouble with the game!



Users in a non-English Locale may experience a crash upon loading Rodina.

If you are affected by this issue, the workaround is to change your Locale / Regional Settings to English / USA.

I’m sorry about this and I will be debugging this issue shortly. It would be helpful if those who experience this problem email me to let me know- I would love to test a build on you when I have a potential fix!


Loading breaks on some asteroids. Some users report loading into midair, or loading inside the walls of their ship

Workaround: Use the “Fix Player” button on the pause menu. This will put the player back into the ship.


Feedback from players has allowed me to establish a set of minimum requirements. Thank you to everyone.


* Graphics Card with 512MB VRAM
* Dual Core Processor
* Windows Vista / DirectX 10


* Graphics Card with 1024MB VRAM
* Quad-Core processor

Problem Areas:

* Some users have reported bad performance with Intel video cards

If you feel you have information that can help flesh out this list- please send to me! After all, I can only test on ONE computer so I need your help! :)


This build would not have been possible without your help!!! I received DOZENS of helpful emails and worked with many people willing to try out test builds in order to fix the problems that were occurring. Many people gave valuable feedback on gameplay. I learned some things from the Let’s Play videos that have been released. There are too many of you to thank individually so just let me say thank you to my customers and potential customers in general! We wouldn’t be here now without you!

As always, if you experience problems with this build, let me know!