Dev Update: New Weapon, Powerup, and Animations!

Another update on the Dev branch on Steam with in-progress work on the Combat Update!

This update adds a simple new weapon – a Repeating Blaster – which is an alternative for those who don’t like the charging mechanic of the standard Blaster. You need to add it to the ships interior or start a fresh game to grab one off the wall.


More importantly – a new powerup! Defeating the Xeno Incinerator will give you a Fire Booster, which temporarily gives you the ability to shoot fireballs! (Currently very overpowered – have fun!)

Most importantly – a change to the animation system that is mostly behind the scenes. I moved Xeno animation from Scripts to the Engine, using a new “Component” system which I am going to use heavily in the future. For now, this change should lead to a higher framerate in combat, and much improved procedural animation quality.

Unfortunately this update took two weeks instead of one, but the new Component system is going to be super important to keeping the game optimized, so it was well worth the time!