Rodina 1.1.0 is released! Download demo / full game now! (Readme)

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Steam Keys are Ready!

Thank you to all Rodina customers past and future! Thanks to Valve’s liberal policies, and the hard work of my web programmer Michael Francis, I can now offer Steam Keys to everyone in the Buffet tier ($15) or above, free of charge!

How to Redeem

Sign in to your dashboard. If you are in the Buffet Tier or above, there will be a section titled “Steam Keys”. Click there to get your key!

Now open up Steam, go to the Games menu at the top, and click “Activate a Product on Steam”. You should be downloading Rodina in no time.

What if I can’t sign in?

There is a function at the login screen for resetting your password, so do try that if necessary. Please let me know if you have any trouble with that.

Some users have been affected by a problem with registration where it was possible to register multiple users with the same information. We have fixed the problem that allowed for this but have not yet merged user accounts. If you think you might be affected by this – if you log in and don’t see your order, and can not claim a key, for instance – let me know and we’ll get you sorted out! Typically, if you are affected by this problem, we have already spoken about it.

After signing in, I am sent to the payments page! What gives?

If this happens to you, it’s likely just the site getting confused about where you want to go after logging in. If you log in and don’t see your order information, just click on “Dashboard” at the top of the screen in order to access your info.

If there’s any trouble or confusion here, just let me know.

What if I payed less than $15?

I’m afraid that I’m not going to be distributing Steam Keys to those in the Appetizer tier. Sorry about that! It’s not that I don’t appreciate your business- I just can’t allow a workaround to the $15 price on Steam. However, as always, you are welcome to top off your order in order to make it into the Buffet tier. It’s up to you!

Rodina available on Steam!

A very exciting and pivotal day for Elliptic Games- Rodina is officially available for purchase on Steam! You can also try the demo, or download the Rodina soundtrack as a DLC!

For existing customers: Steam keys are coming soon. Everyone who donates up to the Buffet tier ($15) or above will receive a Steam key. That includes those who are currently in the Appetizer tier who bump their donations up. BUT it may take a little while to get those keys out. I’ll post again once the system comes online!

Rodina will remain for sale here on the site, and I will continue to do votes and offer picture credits to those who decide to donate at the appropriate levels. I’m not 100% sure how it’s all going to fit in with Steam, but hopefully things won’t change too much.

Thank you to everyone who helped get Rodina to this point! My greatest hope is that Rodina is successful enough that I can worry less about business stuff for a while and focus 100% on development. If that happens, it’s because of all of you!

Thank you!

Rodina Has Been Greenlit!!!


What an amazing time! Rodina has been Greenlit to be released on Steam! All in all it took something like 27 days to get all the way to #50. I couldn’t have done it without the support of the community!

I’m not sure how quickly I will be able to get the game on Steam. I want to focus on getting Rodina 1.1.1 out since I haven’t been giving it enough attention with all of the craziness. But I intend to get Rodina on Steam ASAP…

One thing I’ve heard asked a lot: what about people who’ve already bought the game? My intention is to allow anyone who has bought (or will buy) the game at the base price of $15 (the Buffet Tier) will get their very own Steam Key. I wouldn’t leave you guys behind!

At the same time, I also intend to always distribute a standalone version of the game here on the site, for those of you not on Steam.

Thanks again, everyone! Here’s to a new chapter in Rodina’s bright future!!!

Greenlight Update + OMSI Demo

The Rodina Greenlight campaign is going full steam ahead! Rodina is currently at #51, which will hopefully mean that I am in a good position to be Greenlit in the next batch. Keep your fingers crossed for me, and please keep spreading the word to help Rodina finish strong!

I also have a little treat that some longtime fans of Rodina might enjoy. I’m releasing the Rodina demo that I gave at OMSI (Oregon Museum and Science and Industry) in April 2013!

(The demo is best played with an XBox Controller!)


Folks may remember me posting about this event last year. It was the very first time Rodina had ever been seen in public. It was a great opportunity to crunch for a mini-release, and to watch people play the game before the actual release. At the time, many Rodina fans asked to see the demo, so now at long last you can try it out!

This demo shouldn’t be interesting to most players- I present it mostly as a relic of Rodina’s pre-release development. The OMSI Demo was 8 months before Rodina’s release date, and it was very rough. I thought it might be interesting for people to see what the game looked like back then. It’s surprising for me to go back to it and realize just how much changed in those 8 short months! 2013 was a very busy year!

PS: The Rodina 1.1.1 update is going well too! I’ll have more news about that sometime after the next Greenlight batch is announced!

Blowing the Airlock

Here’s the progress on the room system I’ve been making. This system splits up the map into different sections based on how they are connected. Here’s the system artificially turned into colors so it can be seen in action:

RoomSystem2 . RoomSystem4

There’s still a few bugs. As you can see, the system thinks these two rooms are one room when connected by an angle piece. I must have some error in the fill algorithm which finds the boundaries of each room:

RoomSystem6 . RoomSystem5

The system doesn’t understand the big airlock doors yet, either.

As I mentioned in a previous post, this system will be used for several ship simulation features. I think my goal for this next update is going to be the ability to blow the airlock, exposing the ship to hard vacuum and blasting out its atmosphere. That seems like a fun feature, and it will also mix well with the fire – no oxygen means no combustion!

Reddit AMA

The Reddit AMA I did this week was amazing! It just kept going and going- I answered questions pretty much all day, went to bed, then got up and started answering again.

You can check it out here on Reddit. I’d say only about 50% of the questions were advice on how to break into the games industry :P

Up Next

Hey Guys! So I’ve been asked a few times about what’s next for Rodina. I realized I had to have an answer to this question :)

A little background: My plans for Rodina literally do include the kitchen sink, so it can be difficult to choose from a smorgasbord of possible features. But after thinking about this a little bit, I realized that despite my indecision my gut already knew what I was going to be working on.

While promoting the game the past few days, I’ve mostly just been cleaning up the project and reorganizing code. But just recently without much thought, I started work on a Room System, that would understand enclosed spaces and the way they connect to each other. Nothing too complicated, but also it would be pointless unless I was going to use it for other systems, like atmospherics, or an electrical grid. You know, the “Sim” stuff you guys voted on :P

SO! I’m going to do that! Now that I’m done with fires, I’m going to continue with simulation features. Rather than bounce around, chipping away at several boulders, I’ll try to focus on ship sim stuff for the next couple of months at least and see how much I can carve out. I think some focus will serve both me and the game very well.

After that, maybe start work on NPCs? It’ll be vote-time then for sure!

Vote for Rodina on Steam Greenlight!

Big announcement today! Too much to talk about in text so here I am in person:

Please consider voting for Rodina on Greenlight!!! :D

A word about versions….

So, until now, all of the versions of Rodina released have been versions 1.0.X. This release is the first one at 1.1.X.

What does this mean for customers? If you’re in the Buffet tier or above, it means nothing- you’ve purchased the right to play all versions of the game! However those in the Appetizer tier, who chose to pay under the $15 base price of the game, cannot play this version of Rodina past the usual demo limits.

To those of you in the Appetizer tier, thank you so much for trying and buying Rodina. In order to unlock this version, I ask that you either:

1. Donate again. Any amount will refresh your key for this new version. Or:
2. Donate enough to get up to that Buffet tier! Once you do, you can play all future versions of the game.

I hope that the work I’ve put in over the past few months to get Rodina more stable and fun than ever will be worth some more of your money. Rodina needs it in order to continue development! Thank you again!

Rodina 1.1.0 is released!!!!!!

I’m so pleased to announce that Rodina 1.1.0 is available for download and purchase! You can also get this version in ZIP form.

This update’s main feature is Ship Fires!

Rodina 1-1-0 Fire1

Ship fires occur infrequently when your ship takes damage in combat or after a collision. Fires spread fast so when one starts, quickly get your ship to a safe place, grab a fire extinguisher, and start extinguishing!

Note well: Using fire extinguishers leaves an area temporarily immune to fire. Use this to your advantage- often the better strategy is to box a fire in to prevent it from spreading before fighting it directly. You’ll have to be quick, otherwise your ship will end up destroyed!

Rodina 1-1-0 Fire2

1.1.0 is also a major engine update, with too many engine upgrades to list. Users who have had problems with high-performance mice will see their problems resolved. Actor management is greatly improved and optimized. The game now autosaves at important moments. The editor has undo/redo buttons.

There are also many tiny new engine features and bugfixes. The save/load menu now lists files by date. You can no longer punch through an atmosphere by using the Limnal Drive. A new section on the main menu will alert you when a new version is available. The bugfixes are legion.

Thanks to those of you who have stuck with me for so long waiting for this update! I’ll be putting out a video later this week with a bit of an explanation for what took so long and what I’m going to do in the future to improve the process. Now I know how George R. R. Martin feels :P