Rodina 1.0.3 is released! Download demo / full game now! (Readme)



Store Broken – Download Demo/Game Here

EDIT: The store should now be working again. Please let me know at if you experience any new trouble!

The Rodina Store is experiencing some problems, which are preventing people from registering new accounts. Very sorry about the inconvenience- I’ll edit this post once they are fixed!

In the meantime, please use this link to download the Rodina demo / full game.

Progress update: Rodina 1.1.0

Oh my! It’s been so long since I gave people a real update. Here’s the quick intro! Progress on Rodina 1.1.0, the first major update to the game, is going well, although I was hoping to have it released by now. The delay is due to standard reasons like feature creep (which I will outline below), along with some personal events which have been a distraction. Unfortunately, due to some changes and running around in my day-to-day life, I haven’t gotten much work done over the past 2 1/2 weeks.

Nevertheless, progress continues. I’m hoping you guys will be really pleased with what the next update contains, although there won’t be as much new content as I would like, as I’ve decided to also spend quite a bit of time on bugfixes and improvements. Here’s what to expect:

  • Ship Fires
    You guys know about this already, but this will be the main new gameplay addition. When your ship is damaged heavily and takes a hit, it will occasionally start a fire somewhere in your ships interior. You have to get to a fire extinguisher and kill the fire before it consumes the whole ship, including you!
  • Improved Ship Crashing
    This feature isn’t finished yet, but I’m hoping to improve the way the game handles NPC ships crashing on the planet surface. Right now it can cause weird behavior, and huge slowdowns. In the future, they will be handled a bit more intentionally.
  • Improved Mouse Handling
    I added some features which make mouse control MUCH smoother. It might be hard to notice the difference, but it’s there. Also, I fixed a bevy of mouse-related bugs which should clear up many of the problems various people have reported with sluggish controls, etc.
  • Improved Streaming
    As per my last post about Youtube streaming, I’ve added some fixes which will hopefully make the video creation process a bit easier. Fewer crashes and a smoother experience (I hope!!!)
  • Improved Atmospheric Reentry
    In addition to fixing some bugs with atmospheric entry which improve the experience, I’m also toying with the idea of adding an option to adjust the “push” of the atmosphere, and initializing the default to a setting which will make it quite a bit easier. Feedback welcome on this point :)
  • Improved Savegame Management
    I’ve added backups to the savegame system, in case you overwrite something or a save gets corrupted. Also, the loading menu now sorts savegames by date rather than name. Finally, I’m hoping to add an Autosave feature.
  • Editor Undo/Redo
    A very useful new feature which will hopefully give people some confidence to create new ship interiors.
  • New Game Modes
    I’m splitting “Exploration” mode into two separate modes- a “Freeform” mode which allows full freedom of exploration with no story elements, and a “Peaceful” mode which is similar to Freeform, but with no enemy ships.
  • Improved Actor Management
    The game requires better functions for updating actors, and for spreading out updates over time, and for ensuring that actors are being handled correctly. This is all interior stuff you won’t see, but the hope is that I can improve performance and remove some cases where the game might start to stutter over time.
  • Pre-work on an auto-updater
    I don’t have time to complete the auto-updater for this release, but I do want to prepare the road for it. So I may have some features which are related to downloading files / checking for updates on the server. Nothing major, but it’ll be a good intermediary step towards making sure you guys don’t need to download full Rodina installers anymore.

And of course, there are a bunch of bugs that will be fixed in the new update as well, including this one, this one, and this one.

I hope to have this update out within a few more weeks.

Finally- be aware that this update will be the first update that constitutes a NEW GAME VERSION. So if you’ve bought the game at the Appetizer tier, that means that you won’t be able to run the new game outside of demo mode! To upgrade, all you need to do is donate some more money once the new version comes out (as little as $2) to refresh your membership. Of course, everyone who purchased at the Buffet level or above will be able to play this and all future updates!

I hope you guys are as excited about these changes as I am! I’m sorry there won’t be as much meat in this update as I’d like, but I’m eager to get the game on even more solid footing, at which point it’s back into lots more new features and content!

Discuss this update on Reddit!

Youtube recording info

Firs things first, because some people have asked for it, here’s a little legal notice for anyone making videos for Youtube:

Elliptic Games explicitly grants permission to anyone to make recordings of Rodina, and to monetize any videos of the game they produce..

Secondly, some folks have let me know that the game starts crashing when they record video. If you are experiencing this, could you try the following steps and let me know if they help?

  • The problem may be a conflict with recording and the music streaming. In the options menu, way at the bottom, there’s an option that says “[debug] disable music”. Please turn this on, restart the game, and let me know if that helps!
  • Just as a test / idea, could you try saving your video to a different hard drive than the one you have Rodina installed to?
  • Finally, I have created a test build which may help this issue, though I’m not certain it will. Download, drop it in your Rodina folder, and try that!

If you are having that issue, and try any/all of these potential fixes, please let me know which ones work and which ones don’t! This will help me clear this problem up once and for all. Thank you so much!

Vote Complete!

It’s over! The first Official Rodina Vote! The winner is……

Nuts and Bolts!

…with 50 votes! Hacking, First Aid, and More of the Same all tied for second place with 6 votes each!

So, what does this mean? Well, it means that the next chunk of development time will be focused on gameplay surrounding emergency fires, and damage to the interior of the ship. After that, perhaps more “Nuts and Bolts”, although we’ll have to see how long it takes and whether or not another vote is warranted.

While I’m updating: I made a few changes to the site. Added a new Patrons page to publicly thank those individuals who have been extraordinarily supportive towards Rodina. I also revamped the FAQ to account for the fact that the game has been out for a month and a half :P I’m trying to get everything settled so that I can start working in earnest on the next update. Between PR and support emails, it’s really hard to get enough time to actually get work done :\

Final point. There were 6 people out there who voted for First Aid. That means that there are at least 6 paying customers whose primary concern is the game’s stability and/or performance. If you were one of these people or feel similarly, please email me at and let me know about the problems that you are having. If they are severe, I’d like to try to get them fixed anyway.

One last day to vote…

I’ve just realized that I never mentioned how long the official vote would be active! So- there’s one more day left. Tomorrow I’ll post the results, along with some notes on what’s going to happen next. Last chance to get your voice heard!

First Official Vote!

The time has finally come to issue the first official Rodina vote! Everyone who is in the Bossypants tier can participate, and if you aren’t yet in the Bossypants tier, you can upgrade at any time in order to have your voice heard.

The topic of this vote is very simple: What should Brendan focus on next? All items will be addressed in time- which would you like to see first?

Nuts and Bolts

This option will have me focusing on ship simulation stuff. Fires in the engine room! Electrical grids! Life support systems! I love simulation stuff cause it can lead to emergent situations, which will be the long-term focus of the game.

This is the option I would like to start work on first, as I think the character-level gameplay needs some work, and that it doesn’t make sense to work on other features (such as hacking) until there’s more going on in the ship. I imagine the VERY first thing that will happen are fire emergencies!


A fan favorite! This feature will eventually allow players to customize their own ship’s behavior, and someday to hack enemy ships as an offensive tactic. But until the game becomes more complex, this feature would be more of a sandbox. I favor waiting on this feature until there are some simulated elements in the ship which the hacking could manipulate, but I’m also totally happy to just dive right in and see what can be created right now!

First Aid

Choose this option if you’d prefer that I focus on Rodina’s performance and stability! Since Rodina was released about a month ago, I’ve been trying to clear up crashes and improve problems people are having. I’m pretty happy with where things are, but if you’d like a LOT more focus on this area, choose this option!

More of the Same

More weapons! More enemies! More planets! If you like Rodina the way it is and would just like to see more of it, choose this option! I can try to add some moons for a couple of the planets, and perhaps some dwarf planets in the Asteroid Belt, some new projectile types, some new enemy types with cool new behaviors.

Go Vote!

Check out the vote by visiting your Dashboard (after you log in, if you are presented with the payment page, click “Dashboard” from the menu at the top of your screen).

If you’ve got feedback on this vote, please feel free to jump into the conversation about it on Reddit or Twitter.

Rodina 1.0.3 with Headlights!

Rodina 1.0.3 is now available! There’s lots of new stuff in this update- you can check the readme if you would like to know more. Highlights include:

* Lights! The #1 most requested feature. Now you can press “G” to engage your ship’s headlights, or the player character’s flashlight, when you exploring those dark asteroids!

* Gamepad support! Technically you could always use your gamepad (like a 360 Controller) to play Rodina, but the experience wasn’t very good. Now I’ve added a gamepad remap menu, I’ve tweaked control for the gamepad to make it much easier to control, and added some other tweaks/fixes.

Now that this first update of the year is out, I am going to start moving forward with real development again. Expect to see our first official vote soon, allowing everyone who bought the game at the Bossypants tier or above to choose what I work on next!

One last thing: I hate that people need to download the entire installer to try new updates. Starting next week I’ll also be starting work on an integrated updater for the game. No telling when that will be done- just wanted you to know :)

As before, you can also download this release in ZIP form.

Home for the holidays!

Hi folks! Just wanted to do a quick update to say that I’m going to be online a bit less over the next week for Christmas. Even though I’ll be less in touch than usual, I’ll still be responding to emails and working on bugs while away.

There probably won’t be a new update to the game for another week, but after next Monday I hope to get back on track and release something new! Hope you all are having a happy holiday season!

Rodina 1.0.2 With Locale Fixes

Rodina 1.0.2 has arrived! This release only fixes the Locale crash that some people with non-English settings have been seeing. If you are not experiencing that crash, then there’s no need to download this version!

As always, please email me at if you experience any problems with this build. So far the generous help of the community has been the only way I’ve been able to identify and fix these problems.

As before, you can also download this release in ZIP form.

Rodina 1.0.1 Released!

Here it is folks! There is a new build of the game! It’s stored in the same place as the old link so feel free to head to the download page to grab it! You can also download it in ZIP form if you prefer. The prerequisites are included within the ZIP.

This update fixes some major crashes people were having (Including the assert message about line 88 of EGRenderer.cpp) as well as numerous gamebreaking bugs, and many usability issues people were clamoring for. Check out the readme here.

I’m confident that this build, along with the workarounds described below, should clear up many of the issues people have been having. Please let me know if you still have trouble with the game!



Users in a non-English Locale may experience a crash upon loading Rodina.

If you are affected by this issue, the workaround is to change your Locale / Regional Settings to English / USA.

I’m sorry about this and I will be debugging this issue shortly. It would be helpful if those who experience this problem email me to let me know- I would love to test a build on you when I have a potential fix!


Loading breaks on some asteroids. Some users report loading into midair, or loading inside the walls of their ship

Workaround: Use the “Fix Player” button on the pause menu. This will put the player back into the ship.


Feedback from players has allowed me to establish a set of minimum requirements. Thank you to everyone.


* Graphics Card with 512MB VRAM
* Dual Core Processor
* Windows Vista / DirectX 10


* Graphics Card with 1024MB VRAM
* Quad-Core processor

Problem Areas:

* Some users have reported bad performance with Intel video cards

If you feel you have information that can help flesh out this list- please send to me! After all, I can only test on ONE computer so I need your help! :)


This build would not have been possible without your help!!! I received DOZENS of helpful emails and worked with many people willing to try out test builds in order to fix the problems that were occurring. Many people gave valuable feedback on gameplay. I learned some things from the Let’s Play videos that have been released. There are too many of you to thank individually so just let me say thank you to my customers and potential customers in general! We wouldn’t be here now without you!

As always, if you experience problems with this build, let me know!