Vote Results!

The votes are in, and the results aren’t surprising! Anyone who followed the poll on the Steam forums saw that there was one option that was the clear favorite:

Robot Babies!

The final results of the Bossypants voters was:

* Robot Babies: 95
* Multi-Story Interiors: 25
* Moons: 35

That’s the main vote so it determined the winner! However we also got a huge response via other venues. The total from the non-official poll was:

* Robot Babies: 66
* Multi-Story Interiors: 10
* Moons: 16

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who participated! We had an amazing turnout for this vote. I’m really really excite to get these little guys in the game. I really feel like, in a year or two, we’ll look back at this as an important moment for Rodina! Thanks guys!!