Rodina available on Steam!

A very exciting and pivotal day for Elliptic Games- Rodina is officially available for purchase on Steam! You can also try the demo, or download the Rodina soundtrack as a DLC!

For existing customers: Steam keys are coming soon. Everyone who donates up to the Buffet tier ($15) or above will receive a Steam key. That includes those who are currently in the Appetizer tier who bump their donations up. BUT it may take a little while to get those keys out. I’ll post again once the system comes online!

Rodina will remain for sale here on the site, and I will continue to do votes and offer picture credits to those who decide to donate at the appropriate levels. I’m not 100% sure how it’s all going to fit in with Steam, but hopefully things won’t change too much.

Thank you to everyone who helped get Rodina to this point! My greatest hope is that Rodina is successful enough that I can worry less about business stuff for a while and focus 100% on development. If that happens, it’s because of all of you!

Thank you!