New Screenshots!

Hey folks! I know it’s been a while since the last update- I’ve been crunching hard to get Rodina out soon. Enjoy some shots of our final planet Jarilo, combat, and for the first time, your ship’s interior! Remember that you can customize the ships layout all you want- rooms, furniture, machinery: it’s all up to you!

Things are really coming together. I’m hoping to release Rodina to the world sometime in the next few months. Until then- thanks for sticking with me!

Space 1 - Jarilo Space 2 - Combat

Interior 1 - Airlock Interior 2 - Airlock

Interior 3 - Bridge Interior 4 - Hallway

Interior 5 - Archives Interior 6 - Limnal Drive

Interior 7 - Hallway Interior 8 - Bedroom

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