The Limnal Drive

O my sons and daughters, step forth and seize that possibility! For generations we have gazed through dark glass at worlds beyond our own, and yet these worlds remained the Above, the Unreachable Beyond. No longer!

In the universe of Rodina, FTL travel is accomplished through the use of an invention called the “Limnal Drive”. Watch in this video as we use the Drive to explore parts of the star system in which Rodina is set.

The details of how the Limnal Drive works are currently secret. As you can see from the video, it’s a little bit like a warp drive in that the Drive moves the ship from point A to point B continuously- there’s no “jump”. However, the Limnal Drive is also very different from a warp drive in a few key ways. You’ll have to play Rodina and uncover it’s secrets to find out just what those differences are!

In this video, you’ll see me take a quick tour through Rodina’s star system. The planets are set for a significant upgrade in the next milestone, but between the Limnal Drive and the atmosphere lighting, I felt they were looking good enough to share today. You can also hear some of the music that is being created for Rodina by the composer John Robert Matz. Hope you enjoy!