Rodina 1.2.4 – Xeno Infestation!

Rodina 1.2.4 has arrived! Check it out here or on Steam!


This might be the biggest single update to Rodina so far: new enemies, new weapons, powerups, and health pickups. The Xeno force has invaded the planets of the Zorica System, radically altering the experience of collecting resources. Rodina is STARTING to turn into a more fully-fledged game!!


This update also adds a surprise: the GravBike! The planets are so big that we need a way to move around them faster. If you go scavenging at the debris piles you should find a bike pretty quickly.

Finally! This completes the Combat Update to the game, though of course is just the beginning in terms of the combat experience (all of this work will make it much easier to add more weapons and enemies going forward).

Next up: Interior Editing. This will mean a complete overhaul of the interior editor, along with the ability to create multi-story interiors, and a feature allowing you to recolor tilesets. Look forward to a dramatic increase in the creative possibilities!