Dev Update: Missiles and Ground Xenos!

Hey guys sorry this update (in the Dev branch on Steam) is overdue but it’s a good one! It gives a look at the Blaster Missiles as well as puts Xenos all over the planets!


As always, the Dev update is for in-progress work. The Xenos in particular are outrageously buggy right now – they will run away from you, start fights with each other (kind of cool actually!) and the balance is all out of wack. Also the missiles don’t have a proper area-of-effect explosion yet – just the particle effects.


To use the Missiles, hold right-mouse-button and fire!

To try out this Dev update, go to Steam -> right click Rodina -> Properties -> Betas tab -> choose “Dev” from the dropdown

The combat update is nearing completion! Next up will be the Beta release and it’ll contain a few more new enemies, lots of polish, and a surprise!